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October 2017
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How to identify the authenticity of Rolex?

下载From the past two decades, people are keeping counterfeit and selling the knock off rolex watch. One reason is that Rolex has a high position which cannot be shaken both in the mainland and Hong Kong or Taiwan, even in other countries. The other reason is that the people who counterfeit and sell the fake watch know the psychology of consumers well. With the development of the Internet, the fake Rolex is flood in the market. They are doing well in misleading the public with commonly used search engine, which is called: Rolex official website. For the customers who know little about watches, how they identify the authenticity of Rolex?

This article can let us make an identification of the watch we have bought to see whether the watch is fake or not. The people who did not buy a Rolex watch can also learn how to identify a watch of other brands from this article. As the counterfeiters have nothing but those few tricks, and if you know how to identify the authenticity of the Rolex watch, it is easy to identify the watches of other brands.

Watch surface and watch hand

If you observe the luminous dials carefully, you will discover that the luminous dial of the true watch is smaller than the fake one’s .There is one more details: there is a small gap (about 0.3 mm) between the luminous dial and minute dial of the true Rolex watch, while the fake one has not. Another distinction is that the fonts on the turntable of the fake watch are larger than those on the true one though the fonts are quite similar with each other.

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